Matching Gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program: you (or your spouse/partner) give an amount to Salem State and your employer donates the same amount, matching your gift. This is an easy way to increase your donation and both donations directly support university initiatives.
Follow your company’s instructions for participating in their matching gift program. In the case of no results in the search form, you may still have a matching program. Contact your HR department to find out.

Multiply the impact of your gift!

Spouses, partners, retirees, and even board members are often eligible to participate in a company match—please double check.
Corporate matching gifts can combine with individual gifts to qualify for Sullivan Society and other recognition opportunities.
Hang on to your acknowledgement letter! Many corporate matching gift programs will give you up to one year after your donation to request a match.
Many of our donors already participate in matching their gifts to Salem State. These extra dollars make a big difference for the university, providing more than $100,000 over the years from 250+ companies. See a listing of employers who have participated in matching a gift to Salem State here.

For more information about matching gifts at Salem State, please contact Buffy Pennick at 978.542.2594 or