The Emergency Fund For Students

Many of our students work to fund their education and support themselves and their families. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to meet the needs of our students on an individual basis and address the unanticipated financial hardship of these sudden circumstances.

Your support will help students with one-time grants that allow students to continue their studies, to resources for the infrastructure investments required for online learning, to vital support for students’ basic needs such as food and housing.

The Food Pantry: More than 30% of college students nationwide face financial challenges at times that may include worrying about having enough to eat. The Salem State Food Pantry is a resource for our students who may be experiencing challenges with any sort of food insecurity.

The Pantry provides non-perishable food items as well as various toiletries and feminine hygiene products. Your support will provide generously for students in need.

Thank you!

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