Salem State University Viking Warrior Day April 29

Another Viking Warrior Day for the record books!

What started out as 1,854 minutes turned into two and a half days of rallying to support our students! Our third annual day of giving, Viking Warrior Day 2020, focused on raising money for students affected by COVID-19.

Vikings rose to the challenge and donated $75,693.35, including matching gifts of $20,000, to support Salem State students. And while we didn’t quite get there for the larger matching gift, Kim ’83, '18H and Philip Schiller were so moved by the valiant effort that they will be making the full donation of $100,000! That’s $195,693.35 to help our students navigate these difficult times!

Total dollars raised: $195,693.35 

Total Gifts:  367
Total Donors: 340


A very special thank you to our matching gift sponsors:

  • The Salem State University Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • The Salem State University Foundation Board
  • Joanne '68, '19H and Phil '19H Ricciardiello
  • Jake Cotter '12 from Prospective Research


Until next for May 5, 2021!

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