Viking Warrior Day 1854 minutes to make a difference May 3 and 4


THANK YOU! Salem State University alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends for your record-breaking support for the Viking student experience! Together, a total of $513,678 was raised from gifts, from 459 gifts.

Your generosity and engagement ensure that Salem State students have the opportunity to build bright futures for themselves, no matter what challenges they may face.  
When we work together, we rise together! 



VWD22, our 5th annual day of giving, is an opportunity for the Viking community to celebrate the impact of philanthropy. Join us in the spirit of generosity to create a bright future for Salem State University and our students.


Make your gift now and support the people, places, and programs at Salem State that matter most to you so they can thrive, adapt and grow. With your support, together we can make this our most impactful Viking Warrior Giving Day yet! 

Show support for Salem State’s current priorities, scholarship, or student support by making a gift now!

Are you Salem State Faculty or Staff? You can make your gift through SSU Payroll Deduction

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