The impact of trauma/war on children: Implications for practitioners

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In many parts of the world, children are targets and perpetrators of war. Children experience torture, loss and are often caught fighting on various sides of different conflicts. These children suffer several forms of exploitation. They serve as laborers, sex slaves and often are involved in ritualistic abuse. They often carry out killings at the bequest of adults. All these experiences not only alienate them from others but also internally create isolation from their own psychic integrity. War and trauma have had devastating effects on children. Practitioners have to deal not only with the physical effects of war and trauma but also with the most insidious invisible wounds. The presentation will explore the experience of children affected by war trauma and suggest culturally responsive ways toward resilience. Implications for child welfare will be examined.

At the conclusion of the presentation and discussion, participants will acquire an increased understanding of the following areas:
• To gain an understanding of war experience for children
• To identify trauma in the lens of these experiences
• To build culturally sensitive skills and strategies in working with children toward resilience

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Saturday March 24
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